Catman: Wait, cats can't fly!

Catman: The cat mobile doesn't fly either!

Wanda: You can't reason with a man who's obsessed with cats, or churrows, it just won't work!

Timmy Turner: I've been reading your charts, and I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Catman: Oh, you're not going to say the words "spay" or "neuter" are you?!

Timmy: Worse. You are a cat, and as you know cats have nine lives. But according to these detailed test results (points to Poof, who is a clipboard) you're down to your last life.

Catman: What? It cat-can't be!

Timmy: It is. So unless you want to go to that big litter box in the sky, you have to give up crime fighting. (Looks at Catman seriously) Forever!

Old Lady: I'm buff!

Mr. Turner: Oh honey, I'm home! (runs in the mouse trap-filled house and the house bounces around)

Timmy: You're an actor, not a cat!

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