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Tootie is the younger sister of Vicky, she is a geeky girl with a crush on Timmy Turner. Vicky tortures Tootie whenever she's not babysitting, meaning that she is twice as miserable as Timmy, but she does not have her own Fairy Godparents. Tootie harbors an obsessive crush on Timmy to the point waquí her room is a shrine of pictures of him and other related merchandise. Often she is shown to be crafty and knowledgeable, inventing numerous devices to eavesdrop on Timmy, while other episodes depict her as more as a little girl who enjoys playing with dolls and other "girly" stuff. It is never explained why Tootie is in love with Timmy. In some episodes and comics, Vicky is protective of her little sister and even encourages her to pursue Timmy as a means of tormenting him. From Season 2 and beyond however, Vicky is very mean, terrifies Tootie and her parents, and generally hates her little sister. Tootie dislikes Vicky as well, as she is willing to expose Vicky's cruel habits to Timmy's parents in Channel Chasers, and dreams of trashing her older sister's room. However, when Tootie was loaned Cosmo and Wanda to make up for a lousy birthday she did not use them to harm or get revenge on Vicky despite her ruining Tootie's birthday in the first place.
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"At last! Timmy's godpa- I mean parents, Mr. and Mrs. Godturner. It's a pleasure to meet you..."
Mr. Crocker[source]

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